Understanding the Marriage Counselling Process in Dubai

Marriage Counselling Process in Dubai - Openminds Center

What is marriage counselling?

Many things can cause problems in marriages and relationships. These can be communication problems, changing situations (such as changing jobs), sexual problems, financial problems or even illness. Marriage counselling, sometimes called couples therapy, helps couples understand and resolve their differences and improve their relationship with each other. Marriage counselling in Dubai help couples to communicate with each other and this help to solve personal issues in couple. Also it gives happy health points to conversations that help couple to make strong bond between them.

What happens during marriage counselling process?

At Open Minds Center, the professional marriage counsellors in Dubai process one-on-one sessions in presence of qualified trained counsellor. Time is usually a short time where you and your partner sit together and, with the help of a professional, find out the problems in your relationship and how they manifest. You usually meet with a counsellor once a week for two to several months, depending on how bad your relationship is. You will get opportunities to talk about your problems and encourage you to develop new communication and coping mechanisms when things are difficult. Over time, you will learn to understand better that you and your partner, and you will have strength and practical ways to get to the bottom of any conflict between you.

Who can benefit from marriage counselling?

Despite what you see on TV, no marriage or relationship is perfect. Everyone brings their own ideas, values, thoughts, and attitudes to a relationship that is not always compatible with their partner. Still these different nature of things do not effect between you is inevitable. Diversity can help people learn to empathize, understand and respect opposing views and respect cultural differences.

However, the difference can be tent. Sometimes, certain habits or traits can start working overtime in a person. In addition, problems such as external problems or sexual problems can cause anger between partners. Regardless of the reason, grieving between spouses is unhealthy and unnecessary. Anything that causes unhappiness in a relationship can be resolved through counselling. Some examples:

  • Infidelity
  • Unemployment
  • Finances
  • Culture clashes
  • Physical/mental illness
  • Divorce
  • Child disputes

The openminds marriage counsellors in Dubai gives best treatment to couple in order to strengthen their relationship and create better understanding for issues they facing in life. Only the professional and registered marriage counsellor help couples plan marriage or the arrival of children. A deeper understanding of your partner’s values ​​can help strengthen your bond before you get married or start a family.

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