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Why should I attend a support group?

Support groups are developed to join people together who are dealing with similar difficult circumstances. 
It is a safe space to gain helpful, practical, and constructive information and help reduce the isolation and loneliness that can come from having a mental illness or those in distress.

Openminds Support Groups

At Openminds, these groups will form a part of the holistic approach of treatment and a valuable step towards recovery and continuity of care for our clients. 

Our free of charge support groups are:


Location: At OpenMinds Pyshciatry Counselling & Neuroscience Center


Ms. Ethar Bashir

Lead Clinician- Community Awareness & Self Help/ Support Groups

    Registration is now open for all support groups!
    Please do so by filling out the below details and we will be in touch

    +971 52 861 7053

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    If you have any further enquires, contact us on +971 52 861 7053 or email our lead clinician on

    Disclaimer: Support groups are not a substitute for therapy or a replacement for professional mental health treatment


    Guidelines and Procedures for Support Groups


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