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According to studies and research, adding a psychiatric pharmacist to a multidisciplinary team improves clinical outcomes such as effectiveness and adherence while lowering the incidence of medication-related side effects. This is done through optimizing pharmacotherapy. By co-operating with a doctor as a member of a collaborative team to enhance medication-related outcomes for patients with mental or neurological diseases, psychiatric pharmacists can assist in fulfilling these needs.

Our vision:

Our goal is to establish ourselves as one of Dubai’s top mental health service providers in the UAE. We strive to offer our service users the best possible mental health care, and we show this by providing services that are of the highest calibre in terms of quality, instruction, training, and cost-effectiveness.

We want to maintain our position as the leading supplier of neuroscience and mental healthcare in the Middle East by providing first-rate healthcare that complies with international standards.

Our mission:

Our mission is the commitment to the patient care. We pledge to: by fusing compassion with knowledge, we deliver high-quality, coordinated, and comprehensive neuroscience services to across all disciplines. We encourage the usage of patient-centered services for all age groups. Psychiatric pharmacists provide compassionate, respectful, confidential, cautious, and responsible care. uniquely trained in the pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenomics of psychotherapeutic medication, knowing when and how to apply this information to optimize patient care.

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