Staying Healthy at Workplace – Desk Exercises

Over prolong sitting have bad effect on your body and health. Regardless of other health factors, sitting for extended period of time is associated with huge risk of health problems. We are at transformation period to connect you with good health at work place
The KEY POINT HERE IS THE IMPORTANCE TO MOVE – Dr. Jane Darakjian, Clinical Dietitian & Exercise Medicine Specialist
Always engage with the movements, get away from sitting of your comfort zone – overlong period on your chair. The most effective way to get beyond your stress and workaholic time. We, human being, are designed to move regularly. Movement helps to normalize blood circulation, breathe properly. Non-stop the usage of our computer screen, smart phones, and exposed most of our times with blue lights, seated most of the time especially at post COVID-19 due to overuse of webinars, zoom and social media channels; these all increase and lead us health problems simply because less movement.

Some highlights which are direct effected to our body and health

  1. Digestive Tract
  2. Slow brain function, brain fog
  3. Mental health problems
  4. Muscles pain
  5. Stiffness
  6. Fatigue
  7. Cardiovascular complications
  8. Diabetes
  9. Weak legs
  10. Back pain
  11. Weight gain
  12. Even at some points depression
  13. Stress
  14. Slow blood circulation
Some results due to the above problems
  1. Slow blood circulation due to less oxygen
  2. Breath problems
  3. POSTURE, wrong posture: which is one of the major significant problems during prolong sit.
5 major segments which results from wrong posture
  1. Head – neck – shoulders
  2. Eyes
  3. Hands – arms elbows
  4. Spine – upper back – sacrum
  5. Breathe

How these segments effect and impact negatively to our health – mood and to overall our life; let’s go deeper on each part

All effect and stressed/ tensed with wrong position. Seated on one side and put all your weight on that side.
  • EYES

Non-stop your eyes on your computer screen smart devices – on the blue lights, stressed your eyes 

Elbows free flow which tensed on your shoulder. Writing, typing intensively with no breaks, effected elbows and wrest bone.

The vertebrate is not aligned properly. It effects directly the upper back and (the lower back disc). By using false posture for longer period over the years will cause Hypokyphosis is the upper back to become wedge shaped curvature) curved form. When any abnormality happens to wrong posture to vertebrate it effects to all the organs and keep them not to function properly.
  • Breathe

Learn to breathe properly, practice as much as you can during your day especially when you are depressed, stressed, tensed. Just you need couple of seconds, to inhale deeply and exhale slowly by counting 6 at each interval and repeat for a few times.

Some tips to help minimize such problems is to build more activity into your day

·          Walk or cycle ·         Use the stairs instead of the lift or escalator, or at least walk up the escalator. ·         Get off the bus one stop early and walk the rest of the way. ·         Park further away from wherever you’re going and walk the rest of the way. ·         Calculate how long it takes you to walk one kilometer – you may find you can reach your destination faster by walking than if you wait for public transports ·         Swimming at an indoor pool ·         Avoid long periods sat in front of a TV or computer. ·         Stand up and move during TV advert breaks. ·         Stand or walk while on the phone. ·         Take up active hobbies such as gardening, yoga classes etc.

Take home message –   Tips and techniques

  1. Stretch your shoulders by circulating in/out,, out/in
  2. Find the pin point of your neck art on the bone of the back site of your ears, press the pain area with your thumbs on both sites and smoothly relax the other fingers on your head, keep your elbow stretched to the back forming straight line and move your head as NO movement stretching to the extreme on both sites right and left but keep pressing on the triggered pain point. Do it site 5 to 8 times. Relax for a few seconds and repeat again.
  3. Stretch your fingers by holding all fingers crossing each other and push them away from your chest straight at parallel system, then push them up away from your head keeping your hands straight form.
  4. Move your eyes away from your computer screen and all devices – blue light) and look out door for a few minutes and many times during your work period. Looking toward the natural light especially at sunny days.
  5. Keep your elbows near your ribs as 90 degree form. Keep your wrest relax and support with soft material in order not to tensed on your wrest area.
  6. Keep your spin straight as much as you can with having support back on your chair.



Dr. Jane Darakjian

Position: Functional Nutrition- Clinical Dietitian & Exercise Medicine

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