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  • Psychiatric services have been there for ages and of course, they’ve become quite popular too in the last few decades with increased prevalence of mental illnesses inflicting the society at large. Why are so many people becoming victim to mental health issues and disorders? A very big factor is that more and more people are falling mentally ill because less and less of them are taking their mental health seriously.
    This simply means that with drastically changing lifestyles, nobody has the time in the world to take good care of their mind. And when finally we encounter some problem at a certain point, we find it convenient to visit a psychiatrist or take pills. But is that really enough? Perhaps not. This article is intended to highlight how psychiatry services need to, and should be, accompanied by holistic health practices.
    Lending a Holistic Approach to Psychiatry: Need of the Hour
    Before we begin, let’s first understand what we mean by ‘holistic’ here. Basically, we’re talking about treating the patient as a whole, rather than only focusing on the specific symptoms of the disease in question. So when a person is diagnosed with a mental health problem, for instance, it’s important to take into consideration steps for improving their physical and mental health, along with their social environment and emotional state of the mind as well.
    It’s only then that a person can be called “treated” or can be termed recovered rather than prescribing antidepressants or other drugs to control and improve the symptoms of mental health issues. This is because according to a popular saying , “The mind and body are not separate; what affects one, affects the other.”
    Of course, besides working on all aspects of a human body, a holistic approach to mental health also involves one very important, but often overlooked idea – leading a comfort and support to the patient, and their family and loved ones involved. Let’s understand that it’s only natural for a patient diagnosed with a mental health condition to feel bogged down by life and get overtly anxious about their health and the well-being of their family, should anything happen to them.
    In such times, a touch of comfort and soothing words can work such magic that no pills and medical treatment options can. We aren’t saying the latter isn’t necessary; we only intend to add a dash of this element to turn the treatment approach “holistically” favourable to treating the patient faster and better.
    What Do Holistic Treatment Approaches Cover?
    When we talk about taking a holistic view to the treatment of a condition, we’re referring to taking into account the following intertwined systems of treatment options available –

    • Medical – Prescription of drugs and any other therapy as recommended by the physician
    • Psychological – Analysing the patient’s thoughts to better understand their anxieties and fears, if any
    • Social – A peek into the social environment of the patient to determine whether they feel lonely or sad, or are content and cheerful in the societal setting
    • Psychiatric – Assess the various treatment options intended to improve the mental health of the patient concerned
    • Behavioural – Take appropriate steps to work on modifying/correcting certain behavioural patterns such as anxiety, anger, and depression
    • Lifestyle – Introduce minor tweaks in dietary patterns and overall living routines to improve physical and mental health.
    • Spiritual – Adding a few minutes of yoga, pranayama, and meditation everyday is absolutely essential to keep the mind at calm and peace with itself
      Now let’s look at how these holistic approaches have a positive impact on the patient’s overall health.
      How Holistic Approach Can Help

    Diet – Consumption of more non-processed and fresh food, such as vegetables, especially greens, fruits, and lesser grains help prevent mood swings, while providing healthy nutrients for a healthy brain.

    Nutritional supplements – In addition to prescription drugs, vitamins, herbs, and enzymes help restore balance in body chemistry.

    Lifestyle changes – Walking every day for 30 minutes to 1 hour has tremendous mental health benefits. In fact, results can be seen in as less than just 2-4 weeks of an exercise program. Try mind-body exercises like yoga and tai chi too – they help improve physical fitness and emotional balance too.

    Doctors recommend moderate exercise to mental health patients also because it has been observed to boost self-confidence in patients. When they know their body’s fit and health’s improving, they start becoming optimistic of more such changes happening. Besides, exercise has psychological and emotional advantages too – distracting the mind from negative thoughts by keeping the body moving.

    Therapy – Talk therapy is the best for improving symptoms in mental health patients; the more they can vent out their hidden fears, anxieties, and stress, the faster their condition improves.
    Spirituality – Did you know that mediation can actually change the way your brain works? It’s true; you’d be amazed at the results. Our brain is naturally more inclined to positive emotions and vibes and a few minutes of daily meditation does just that – make the mind happy and positive.

    Group interaction – It may be difficult to get a patient to socialise when they’re depressed but lifestyle changes would automatically help initiate the first step there. For example, a round of morning walk in fresh air with neighbours exchanging a friendly glance or smile can make a lot of difference in elevating the mood of a person confined in the four walls of the house.

    Art therapy – Doing something you’ve always had a fancy or talent for in your heyday also works magic. It is known as a healthy ‘coping’ strategy – managing anxiety and depression by focusing your mind on doing something creative.
    Find the Best Holistic Psychiatry Services in Dubai
    More and more physicians and psychiatrists are now supporting the idea of mental health care by embracing varied approaches that eventually lead to the treatment of these conditions. You would find a number of psychiatry services in Dubai now believing in, following, and recommending a holistic treatment approach to their mental health patients.
    The approach begins on the premise that each individual is different and unique, and therefore there is, and cannot be, any specific set formula for holistic healing. Thus, psychiatrists in Dubai often try out various methods – from nutritional therapy to exercise to counselling – and often all together to achieve the desired results.
    So the next time you have a loved one afflicted with a mentally disturbing situation, take them to a psychiatry service near you but insist on following and accepting a holistic approach to their treatment. Your loved one needs much more than just pills to live on; ask your psychiatrist in Dubai for more guidance on this.

    To Sum Up
    Unfortunately, not much attention or importance is assigned in our society to positive emotions and personal strengths – happiness, hope, love, peace, and understanding. People are too busy to bother about such seemingly trivial things anymore. The truth is there’s nothing more important than them and the fact that we treat them unimportant brings us to these conditions. Pay a little attention and see the changes in your physical and mental health

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