How EFT & EMDR Therapy helps Traumatized Couples to find eternal love


Love heals, but sometimes we are wounded by those we love. Couples can experience trauma through marital distress along with infidelity, miscarriages, loss of child or chronic illness of a partner.

The nature of trauma is that people who have been traumatized tend to isolate. Couple counseling helps to bring the contentment back to the relationship and allows partners to find their eternal love.


The uses of EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) for couples counseling includes:

  • Talking about problems in a safe and open environment
  • Gain self-confidence and individualism as a couple by recognizing strengths
  • Improve cross communication
  • Learn to co-operate and compromise with each other and reduce arguments
  • Learn what is the obstacle in between and find ways to move forward with each other
  • Work through affairs, recover trust and heal
  • Affirm your bond by strengthening your connection

EFT therapy is also helpful in assisting couples who wants to build resilience against life stressors.



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) have been analytically proven to be effective in the treatment of trauma and couples, respectively, and were utilized to heal trauma in couple therapy.

The combined EFT-EMDR approach consists of using EMDR as an involvement within specific stages of EFT.

EMDR is recognized as a powerful tool to help couples overcome negative memories from earlier life experiences and negative perceptions about their partner’s role in current emotional breakdowns.

Couples wait an average of six years from the time they recognize that they are having serious problems, they seek help for their relationship. Don’t hesitate to seek help. To learn more about Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples  contact us.



At OPENMINDS Centre, Ms. Huda Khreishi, Clinical Counsellor| Marriage & Family Therapist helps clients with traumatized experiences.

Ms. Huda is a US trained Psychologist, earned her Masters of Science in Counseling from California State University of Fullerton. She practiced as a clinical counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist in the USA, California with a multicultural institute for mental health and social services. She is trained in using EMDR therapy for trauma with EMDR Institute and also trained in EFT for couples with Dr. Sue Johnson. 

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