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Why Couples Therapy in Dubai?

Let’s be honest: life in a couple relationship is not always easy. It is not uncommon for problems, situations of imbalance, difficulties in communication to arise, which can lead to a crisis that is difficult to manage.

Couples therapy comes to the rescue of partners who encounter difficulties of a sentimental, social or sexual nature. We speak of couple relationships in crisis when both members experience a lasting discomfort that they will not be able to overcome, despite the joint risks of smoothing out the difficulties. The existing problems, in this case, tend to turn into repetitive dynamics that fuel misunderstandings, creating a sort of vicious circle.

All emotional relationships experience phases of crisis which often correspond to the inevitable changes connected with the life cycle. The love relationship between adults undergoes different types of criticality: the decline of the phase of falling in love and the transition to a more mature and stabilized dimension of the relationship, coexistence, the birth of children, personal and physical transformations, any change the working role of one or both partners, and the experiences of separation and loss. Inevitably, these stages of transition impact on the couple and, the more the relationship is perceived as safe, the more likely it is that the spouses are able to draw on different coping strategies (a series of actions or the thought process applied to cope with a problem or, in any case, a stressful situation),being able, therefore, to overcome crises and draw elements of growth as individuals and as a couple.

Becoming aware of the fact that life as a couple is complex and difficulties may be present is the first step to becoming aware of the moment you are living. It is at this stage that the decision is generally made to seek the help of a competent professional. This type of support can be considered an ad hoc in order to treat couple crises.

What is couples therapy for?

How does it works?

Couples therapy provides partners with a neutral and safe space where they can freely express their feelings, opinions and difficulties, offering both the possibility of enjoying a communicative dimension aimed at solving problematic issues. The therapeutic path, in addition to helping the couple to understand each other better, also offers food for thought for the single individual. Marriage problems, in fact, in most cases, have a negative impact on the quality of life of the members of the couple. The therapy is centered on the couple, the goal is to provide a new key to understanding what is happening.

My approach

I am trained in Systemic-Relational approach which considers a couple as something more than just the simple sum of the individuals that compose it. Couples therapy is a process to identify interaction and communication patterns that are negatively impacting the friendship, intimacy and fullfillment of needs of one or both partners in a relationship. Each partner will be expected to honestly examine their own interaction and communication styles, identify and express their own feelings and make an attempt at experimenting with alternative methods of communicating and interacting.

Furthemore, one essential aspect of my approach is to explore each partner story; it’s crucial to focus both on the relationships between partners and between partners and the contexts to which they belong (and by which they are therefore influenced). It helps the couple to re-read their own story, finding new shared meanings, highlighting the specific resources of each one.

Therapeutic goals

The goal is to build a new story with the couple, seeking different meanings in mutual events and behaviors and reconciling the individuality of each partner with belonging to the same dimension of the couple. Furthermore, the goal is both to restore balance and serenity in the couple and to lead the couple to make their own life choices in a conscious way.

The therapy will allow the partners to focus on the meaning of the discomfort or symptom, to modify the repetitive and dysfunctional dynamics that the couple puts in place. The therapist helps the partners to define the problems, identifying the therapeutic objectives and focusing on the critical issues.

The objectives are:


Benefits of Couples Therapy

Couples therapy aims to try to understand the best and most suitable situation for the couple.


How long does a therapeutic path last?

The overall duration of therapy is variable. It is defined by the psychotherapist, based on the problems and the intensity of the conflict. The factors that affect the duration can be the nature of the conflicts, the interpretations that the partners give of the situation, the communication and relational dynamics, and the prospects for change.

A necessary condition is the genuine desire to resolve conflicts, which argues in favor of resolving the crisis.

Dr. Letizia Mugnai

Ms. Letizia Mugnai

Clinical Psychologist | Family/ Couple Psychotherapist

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