Mrs Nathalie Nabil Syriani

Mrs Nathalie Nabil Syriani

  • Position: Clinical Psychologist
  • Experience: 20+ Years
  • Qualification: Masters and DEA in Clinical Psychology , Saint Joseph University, Beirut
  • Email:
  • Phone: +971528617053

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    Personal Experience & Biography

    Mrs Nathalie Nabil Syriani is a clinical psychologist with more than 20 years experience in the inpatient , outpatient and emergency room settings.
    She graduated from Saint Joseph University , Lebanon , with a DEA in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

    As part of her commitment , she has actively participated in several training workshops in Cognitive Remedial Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy conducted by prominent institutions , in Oxford Cognitive Therapy Center , Oxford , UK and Beck Institute , Philadelphia USA.

    She is a licensed clinical psychologist in Dubai and Lebanon.
    Given her longstanding practice with patients with psychosis , she is experienced in the successful implementation of psychosocial interventions for schizophrenia spectrum disorders based on best practices in psychosis treatment. She contributed in the establishment of a rehabilitation center and coordinated care programs for this patient population
    Mrs Syriani works with adults presenting with bipolar disorders , anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and PTSD.

    Beyond her professional qualifications, Mrs. Syriani is known for her multicultural sensitivity and fluency in multiple languages, including Arabic , French English and Italian , enabling her to serve clients from diverse cultural backgrounds with understanding and respect.




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