Mrs. Tania Hachem

Mrs. Tania Hachem

  • Position: Psychomotor Therapist
  • Experience: 12
  • Qualification: Psychomotor Therapist | Masters in Psychomotor Therapy (Lebanon)
  • Email:
  • Phone: +971528617053

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    Personal Experience & Biography

    Tania Hachem obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychomotor Therapy in 2010 and her Masters in 2013 from Saint Joseph University – Beirut, Lebanon.

    She is a trilingual psychomotor therapist with extensive professional experience. She practiced for 12 years in Lebanon with patients having several disabilities and pathologies. She essentially worked in multidisciplinary teams including psychologists, speech therapists, psychiatrists, and pediatric neurologists.

    Her clinical work revolved around conducting psychomotor assessments and sessions, developing treatment plans, establishing psychomotor diagnoses, providing guidance and support to the families, implementing strategies at school to facilitate the patient’s progress as well as informing the team on the psychomotor practices and the patient’s evolution.

    Mrs. Hachem demonstrated throughout her years of practice good analytical skills, excellent observation, interpersonal and communication skills. She displayed as well creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability to the teamwork requirements and to the patient’s needs. 

    Besides her clinical work, she is a lecturer at the Institute of Psychomotor Therapy (IPM) – Saint-Joseph University (Beirut). Furthermore, she used to train and supervise students during their psychomotor therapy internships.




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