Mrs. Feyrouz Gemayel

Mrs. Feyrouz Gemayel

  • Position: Psychomotor Therapist
  • Experience: 12
  • Qualification: Psychomotor Therapist | Masters in Psychomotor Therapy (Lebanon)
  • Email:
  • Phone: +971528617053

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    Personal Experience & Biography

    Feyrouz is a Lebanese psychomotor therapist with 15 years of experience in the field. Feyrouz obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychomotor Therapy in 2007 and Masters in 2010 from Saint Joseph University – Beirut, Lebanon.

    Feyrouz is a trilingual psychomotor therapist with wide professional experience in the field.

    Feyrouz started her  carrier in Lebanon in different schools and institutions with patients having psychomotor disorders, several disabilities, and pathologies. Specially with patients having visual impairment and / or hearing.

    In addition to rehabilitation of psychomotor disorders Feyrouz was involved in setup and managed a new department for multiple disabilities and developed a full curriculum tailored to their needs. Developed Individualized Program Plan (IPP) with a team of specialists adapted to the needs of each child or teenager with an associated disability.

    Feyrouz clinical work revolved around stimulation and awakening, psychomotor education, screening and prevention, assessments and diagnosis, early intervention, therapeutic intervention, and re-education.

    Through Feyrouz years of practice, Feyrouz have proven ability to work in a collaborative environment, leading and managing a team of specialists in the fields of psychology, special education, psychomotor therapy, and speech therapy. Feyrouz have built an experience in managing the communication with parents, government entities and internal stake holders.

    Besides her clinical works, She was a lecturer at the Institute of Psychomotor Therapy – Saint-Joseph University (Beirut) and at Lebanese University (Beirut) where she used to train and supervise students during their psychomotor therapy internships, a thesis advisor and jury for undergraduate and graduate students in psychomotor therapy.




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