Ms. Ethar Bashir

Ms. Ethar Bashir

  • Position: Clinical Psychologist
  • Experience: 7+
  • Qualification: MSc (Hons) Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience from Goldsmiths, University of London (United Kingdom), • Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS)
  • Email:
  • Phone: +971528617053

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    Personal Experience & Biography

    Ethar is a Community Development Authority (CDA) and Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) licensed clinical psychologist with an extensive training and educational background from the United Kingdom, including a Masters degree in cognitive and clinical neuroscience with an emphasis on psychology from Goldsmiths, University of London. Ethar is also a member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS).

    Ethar integrates the latest evidence-based therapeutic techniques and clinical practice to provide a wide range of psychological services to individuals across the lifespan and for mental health conditions that range from mild, moderate, severe, chronic, or complex.

    Coming from a bilingual household (Arabic and English) and being a native English speaker with diverse experiences having lived in the UK, the Middle East and Asia have afforded Ethar with a rich, open-minded, judgement-free philosophy towards equipping clients with strategies centred around the individual. Ethar places a clear emphasis on each session being highly personalized and provided in a safe confidential environment.

    Her ultimate aim is for each individual to be satisfied with this journey as a stepping stone towards their fullest potential, a better version of themselves, better coping strategies and/or decreasing distress through the use of a holistic approach, which addresses the emotional, cognitive and behavioural skills encompassed within the individual.

    Ethar believes that in today’s society it is pivotal to prioritize our mental health as an equal to our physical health, and not as a ‘final resort’ option. Truly there is ‘no health without mental health’.


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