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School Readiness Program

Department of ABA at Openminds center is pleased to begin its school readiness Programme this 2023!

A programme designed and monitored by the Behavioral analyst (IBA/BCaBA) and run by expertise Behaviour Technicians (RBTs). We combine research-based ABA strategies within natural play-based settings to keep individual targets and approaches in mind. Each kid will be attended for his or her individual targets within the group setting.

Researches has shown that children receiving ABA-based intervention in preschool-like settings made significantly more gains in both intellectual and adaptive functioning skills, as compared to children who underwent the standard approach (Eldevik 2011)

This programme is being organized for children age 3 to 6 years, having some struggles with school, or to begin school. Open Minds will be creating a close to school set up to welcome the children and help them adapt, also to make it easy for them to shift to schools/nursery accordingly later on.

In this Programme we focus on the growth and progress of each individual within the group, to empower them to be part of the mainstream schools and societies. To help them with skills over their certain developmental delays, to guide them present and express themselves with more acceptance.

Our Programme includes concept such as: cooperativeness among group, team work, getting along, learning and memory skills, Initiative skills, expressive skills.

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