DHA Internship

Private Medical internship

Dubai health authority approves OPENMINDS Psychiatry, Counselling and Neuroscience Center as part of DHA unified Medical Internship program for Psychiatry Rotation.

OPENMINDS Center is committed to foster clinical training as one of its core values. OPENMINDS Center, Dubai in association with DHA Dubai Health Authority strive for strategic objectives for the growth and advancement of the health sector in the Emirate.

The license approves the Center to offer clinical training services in the Department of Psychiatry, supporting new healthcare talents to develop their education and obtain practical field experience and more importantly to understand the holistic approach that is vital in the treatment of mental health issues. This also supports the Governments initiatives to reduce the Stigma associated with the field of Mental health. Young doctors could play a key role in curbing this issue leading to early detection and the management of mental health issues.

Dr Shankar Srinivas Kuchibatla, Consultant Psychiatrist, Medical Director and Founder of OPENMINDS Psychiatry Counselling Center is the Program Director for this curriculum and believes that OPENMINDS is privileged and honoured to receive DHA’s invitation to participate as a training site for the esteemed national internship program, which aligns with institute’s mission and commitment.

The centre has initiated and developed Internship/ Observership program in the field of Psychology and believes that this  would support to develop practical skills required for Psychology graduates

psychiatry internship in dubai

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