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    CBT Training for Depression and Low Mood

    Do you:

    1. Feel hopeless, overwhelmed or extremely tired? 
    2. Find it challenging to function day-to-day
    3. Want to learn the causes and symptoms of depressions alongside coping strategies

    If the answers yes, then our UK trained and NHS experienced psychologist, Ms Harsakshi Kaur Khurana has just the right training for you.

    CBT, recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care (NICE) guidelines, is one of the frontline interventions for depression/ low mood. This workshop is designed to cover the relevant CBT techniques in a way that encourages you to use them effectively and allows you to support those who are experiencing low mood/ depression.

    What this course will do for you?

    1) You will know what depression is: it’s symptoms, causes and how it affects people.
    2) We will explore how ‘thoughts’ and ‘behaviours’ can maintain your low mood/ depression.
    3) You will learn CBT based techniques for depression/ low mood and how to apply them.

    Who can attend: mental health professionals, students, anyone wanting to learn about depression.

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