Overcoming Addictions with Bio-Psycho
Social Strategies

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    Overcoming Addictions with Bio-Psycho
    Social Strategies​ Training

    Workshop Overview: Our workshop covers a range of key topics essential for understanding and addressing addiction effectively:

    • Conceptualizing Behavioral Addictions: Gain insights into the nature and dynamics of behavioral addictions, exploring their underlying mechanisms and impacts on individuals’ lives.

    • Addressing Specific Addictions: Delve into the unique challenges posed by gaming, internet, and pornography addictions, and learn tailored approaches to tackle them head-on.

    • Exploring Psychosocial Factors: Understand the intricate interplay of psychological, social, and environmental factors contributing to addiction, and how to address them effectively.

    • Bio-Psycho-Social Approaches: Discover holistic approaches that integrate biological, psychological, and social aspects of addiction, offering a comprehensive framework for recovery.

    • Implementing Management Models: Learn practical strategies and techniques to implement an 8-session management model, guiding individuals through the stages of recovery with structured support.

    • Empowerment Through Awareness: Cultivate self-awareness and empowerment as essential tools in the journey towards addiction recovery, fostering resilience and positive change.

    • Dopamine Detox: Understand the role of dopamine in addiction and practice detox techniques to recalibrate your brain’s reward system for healthier behaviors.

    Workshop Features:

    • Group Discussions: Engage in insightful discussions with peers and facilitators, sharing experiences, challenges, and strategies for overcoming addiction.

    • Role Plays: Participate in interactive role-playing exercises to explore real-life scenarios and develop practical skills for managing triggers and cravings.

    • Handouts and Resources: Access comprehensive handouts and resources to support your learning journey and provide ongoing guidance in your recovery process.

    Who Should Attend: This workshop is suitable for individuals struggling with any form of addiction, as well as their family members, friends, and professionals working in addiction-related fields. Whether you’re seeking personal insight or professional development, our workshop offers valuable perspectives and practical tools for positive change.

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